Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of www.avantpalace.com

1.Uppendi Corporation, located at Miami, florida state, United States and of which Javier Contreras, is the chief executive (hereafter referred to as Avant Palace or “we”), operates an online shop under the Internet address www.avantpalace.com (hereafter referred to as “the Website”). All orders you place through this Website and our deliveries and services are subject solely to the version of the following Standard Terms and Conditions currently in force at the time of the order. Unless we have consented in writing to their application, we do not recognise any differing terms and conditions of the customer.
2.Only consumers may place orders with the online shop. Dealers or intermediaries are expressly not permitted to purchase. Goods will only be sold to consumers in quantities and ranges customarily purchased by consumers.

1.Avant Palace offer the customer customizable goods, the return of the custom goods purchased is not allowed, except for damage. Damages must be claimed within a period of 10 days from the receipt of the custom goods, and must be notified by email to retuns@avantpalace.com attaching an image of the damage
2.You may return the non-customizable goods received within two weeks, without giving any reasons, simply by sending them back. This period will begin on the day after you receive the non-custom goods and this information on returning non-custom goods, but not before our information requirements. Only non-custom goods not suitable for packaging (e.g. awkwardly-shaped non-custom goods) may also be returned by e-mail, to take the non-custom goods back. This deadline will have been met, provided that the non-custom goods are sent off in time. All non-custom goods are returned at our expense and at our risk.
We request that the demand to return the non-custom goods should be submitted in e-mail. Uppendi Corporationwill then arrange for UPS to pick up the non-custom goods directly, unless the non-custom goods are sent to us immediately without a prior request to return them.
A request to return the non-custom goods must be sent to:
Uppendi Corporation for AVANT PALACE
3. You will find all documents that might be helpful to you in returning the goods in the original delivery. The goods must be returned to our warehouse in Spain, NOT to United States. You will be required to pay any costs incurred, such as customs duty, return postage etc., should the goods be wrongly addressed.
4. Costs cannot be reimbursed until Uppendi Corporationhas received back the customer’s complete order with all tags remaining in original condition and original packaging.

1. Should the goods be properly returned, both parties are required to return any services received or use provided (e.g. benefits of use). Should you be unable or only partly able to return or restore the services or use received (e.g. benefits of use) or only in a worsened condition, you will be required to compensate us for their value. You will only be required to compensate us for deterioration or refund the value acquired through use should this use or deterioration be due to treatment that goes beyond an inspection of the product’s qualities and how it works. You will not be required to compensate us for deterioration resulting from simply putting the product to use in the correct manner. You must only refund the value acquired through use if you have used the product in a manner that goes beyond an inspection of the product’s qualities and how it works. “An inspection of the product’s qualities and how it works” covers testing and trying out the goods in question, as is possible and customary, for example, in a shop.
Obligations to make payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. This period begins for you when you return the goods or request that they may be returned and for us when they are received.
2. Your credit card will be charged when the goods are dispatched. The card will be credited if the goods are returned, possible currency exchange losses will however not be refunded.
3. Please refer to our Service Team by e-mail under return@avantpalace.com should you have any questions.

1. A contract between you and Uppendi Corporation will not exist until we have dispatched the goods ordered to you. You will have submitted a binding offer to us to conclude the contract with you by transmitting an order to us entered on our website. We will carry out the order once you have entered all the data requested during the ordering process and finally confirmed the order by pressing the button “Please order and charge me”.
2. Uppendi Corporationis entitled to reject your order without providing any reason.

1. The goods offered under www.avantpalace.com are presented in the form of digital photographs of the actual products. Minor differences between this presentation and how the goods really appear do not constitute a defect in the goods ordered.
2. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that products shown on www.avantpalace.com may no longer be available or obtainable at the time of the customer’s visit and that the relevant prices might have changed. The prices offered are shown in dolars, including value added tax but excluding shipping costs.
3. The customer consents to a possible part-shipment by Uppendi Corporationby entering the order.

1. The goods will be delivered solely by UPS. Uppendi Corporationwill bear the risk of transport to the customer.
2. The goods will approximately be ready for shipment on the day following your order. Unless anything different is agreed, the delivery will be made from the warehouse to the delivery address given by the customer. Please note that the customer will be charged with all import taxes, customs duties and handling charges that are different in each country.

Uppendi Corporationcan offer the customer two payment:
PayPal or credit card.
Returned goods will be reimbursed with the relevant method of payment (PayPal, credit card).
Procedure when paying by credit card:
Uppendi Corporationhas a security encoding for data with SSL connection (Secure Socket Layer). This method of encoding protects your credit card data against eavesdropping and manipulation during transmission. It is therefore impossible for unauthorised persons to read this data during transmission in the Internet. The goods will be delivered as soon as the bank or credit card company has confirmed that payment has been made.
We accept the following credit cards: Visa Card and Master Card.
With the exception of counter-claims that are undisputed or have been established in law, a right to withhold or to refuse service on the part of the buyer is excluded in relations between businesspeople.

Goods delivered will remain the property of Uppendi Corporation until completely paid for.

The provisions of the Law on Warranty will apply.

Uppendi Corporation will store and process all customer data solely in accordance with the relevant laws on data protection. In particular, personal data will only be recorded and stored in order to process an order for goods or, should you have given your express consent, also used for marketing measures by Uppendi Corporation, such as for example in distributing newsletters. We will not keep personal data any longer than is necessary. We will not forward personal data to third parties. Excluded from this provision are Avant Palace service partners that require transmission of the data in order to process the order. In such cases, however, the amount of data transmitted will be limited to the required minimum.

Only Florida (USA) state law, to the exclusion of UN purchase law, will apply. Should one or more provisions be or become invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.