About Us

About Us

Avant Palace

AVANT PALACE and AP by AVANT PALACE are brands of urban clothing, exclusive, customizable, handmade and designed in Europe, Avant Palace have one of the best fashion designer Alexandre Castillo. Avant Palace has the absolute support of Uppendi Corporations is a excellent group of entrepreneurs professionals of all kinds of excellent careers in what they do,such as textiles, advertising, media, computers, business and public relations. With a unique dream, Never Stop Keep Going.

From that relationship and a common business idea arises AVANT PALACE, the clothing brand that offers its customers a wide range of exclusive products that incorporate a wide variety of accessories and details of haute couture, made of noble materials such as silver, gold, and / or fine rhinestones.

Our designs cover as many styles as there are types of people: daring, cool, wild, casual, aggressive … or all at the same time, because fashion is a living element that breathes and is constantly changing with the customer’s needs . It is no longer enough to wear quality garments, we also want to set trends with unique, exclusive models, OURS, something that AVANT PALACE provides to its clients by allowing them to personalize their garments. Thus, each individual can choose for each design, the model of the garment (length, width, style of sleeves ….) And the complements among which a great variety of goldsmith items are included, something that is almost exclusively provided and that allows to offer products adapted to all the clients.

In order to cover all this fully customizable production system AVANT PALACE works on request, without inventory of the garments. In addition, the possibility of express delivery is offered, which considerably speeds up the delivery time, which never exceeds two weeks from the time the request is submitted to the delivery of the product. With all this, AVANT PALACE promises not only to reach the whole world “urban clothing”, but to redefine the concept of online shopping through a new conception of fashion as a social event, with campaigns that combine strength and aggressiveness while continuing pay attention to essential points such as the quality of the materials or the urban essence of the products. In addition, AVANT PALACE is very present to its customers integrating them from the beginning in their idea to revolutionize fashion. For this, he offers the possibility of actively participating in his designs, completely customizing his wardrobe and his style.

Because what you wear also shows what you are.